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Mindful Connection

Woman interacting with Horse, horse blocking half of frame

Learn how to BE

Mindfulness is so much more than a popular wellness buzzword. Mindfulness is a crucial step towards developing emotional intelligence and improving regulation.

Horses are naturally mindful animals who have so much to teach us about being present in the moment. This class focuses specifically on connecting with your body and nervous system through mindfulness exercises to develop present moment awareness.

Your sensory system is an important part of understanding yourself, and a part that is often ignored. Get to know yourself by learning how to more fully experience the world around you. 

Weekly Schedule:

Mondays | 4 pm

Tuesdays | 6 pm

Wednesdays | 12 pm

Sundays | 9 am


Non-Members $35
Members FREE

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All classes are INCLUDED in our Farm Membership Program.
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