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Fund a Need

Offering responsible equine care to rescued and retired horses comes with a hefty price tag. But the benefits people experience when working with these incredible animals makes it worth every cent. The endless stories of empowerment, enlightenment, and growth that show up at the Equi Evolution farm are inspiring to say the least. See how your donation can help keep these programs running as we strive to help even more horses and humans for years to come! 

Scroll down to see exactly where your money goes when you support The Evolution Foundation.

Horse Grain Photo


Horse Feed

In addition to hay & supplements, our horses also require pelleted feed and grain to help keep them healthy. A donation at this level can buy us 2 large bags of feed. Our herd goes through approximately 10 bags of feed (or 500 lbs) per month.


Equine-Facilitated Learning Session

Equi Evolution offers a sliding fee scale to participants. This means they eat the costs when someone is not able to pay the full rate. By donating 1 private EFL session, you will help participants  offset the expenses associated with running a horse farm. 

Two horses looking at each other touching heads gently
Picture collage of equi evolution horses


Sponsor a Horse (or donkey)


Caring for the herd requires much more than hay. It also requires regular (and surprise) veterinary care, supplements & medication, hoof trims, etc. This level of donation will allow you to sponsor one awesome herd member by covering a full month of care expenses. Donors at this level will be recognized on our sponsor appreciation page. Learn more about each of our horses here and be sure to make note on your donation which equine partner you wish to sponsor so they can send you a personalized thank you!


Hay Expense

Horses spend approximately 18 hours/day eating and forage is the most important part of their diet. This level donation would cover 1 month of hay to feed our herd. Donors at this level will be recognized on our sponsor appreciation page.

Photo of man walking with Horses at farm
Woman kissing Horse


Evolution Program

This level donation covers the entire cost of the Equi Evolution 12-week Evolution Program. By offering this donation, you provide a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to a participant who would otherwise not be able to afford these services. Donors at this level will be recognized on our sponsor appreciation page. 

Donate Another Amount...

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If you wish to donate by check, please mail check payable to:
The Evolution Foundation
215 Scott Rd.
Cumberland, RI 02864
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