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The Evolution

My Life Coach is a Horse

Maybe you've worked with a therapist, you've read the books, listened to the podcasts and even put some pretty good stuff in your toolbox...but there's still something missing, there's still a weight you can't seem to let go of, a next step you just can't seem to figure out.


Private equine-inspired wellness coaching at Equi Evolution offers a unique approach to helping you make the shift from  "I'm fine" to living a life you love!


Horses are incredibly perceptive and naturally mindful beings. By simply being themselves, they have an incredible ability to teach us about the power of being present and the value of connection.  Find confidence, self love, compassion, empowerment, and friendship as you work alongside our herd on your own journey of personal development. 

Private Equine-Inspired Coaching Program 

The Evolution is our core program, and the most popular, service we offer. This program provides a personalized series of Equine-Inspired Learning sessions to help you meet your unique goals. There is no riding in any of our programs and while it may seem unconventional, working with horses from the ground offers a unique opportunity to experience our equine partners in a magical way many are unfamiliar with. 

Explore how mindfulness can help you create the mental space to heal your nervous system. Reconnect body and mind as you embrace the sensory experiences of the farm. Learn how to move through and release emotions by mimicking the somatic movements of the horses. Fill your toolbox and fuel your soul as you learn that the peace you've been searching for is possible, and its just on the other side of the fence. 


Previous equine experience is NOT required to participate in this program. Whether you've been around horses your whole life or have never stepped foot on a farm, The Evolution has so much to teach you and will change your life for the better. 

*The Evolution is specifically designed for adolescents & adults. Equi Evolution is not currently offering youth programs. Children are welcome to attend our Open Farm Hours & Barefoot at the Barn

  • 12-week private Equine-Facilitated Learning program (program extension opportunities available)

  • 1- 60 minute session per week

  • Work with a personal practitioner and our incredible herd of horses to help guide your learning

  • Personalized to help meet individual goals 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of self and learn techniques to help you build emotional intelligence

  • Develop healthy coping skills and self-regulation practices

  • Spend time in nature (programs run all seasons!)

  • Practice a variety of mindfulness exercises that can easily be applied to your everyday life

  • Learn about horses and the important roles they have played throughout history and still today

  • Get lots of hands-on horse time

Program Cost:*

12-week $2400

*Payment plans available. Sliding fee scale is available. FSA/HSA accepted. Please contact us for more info. 

We ask that all interested participants schedule an on-farm consultation appointment to visit our facility, meet the horses, and talk with one of our practitioners about how The Evolution program can help you meet (or even define) your personal goals for growth, learning & wellness. Follow the link below to schedule today.

If you are not sure if you're ready to commit to an on-farm program just yet, or would like to learn more about how horses play into this type of program, we encourage you to check out our online course, Finding Emotional Freedom with Horses

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