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"Today is your day to paint life in bold colors, set today's rhythm with your heart-drum, walk today's march with courage. Create today as your celebration of life."

- Jonathan Lockwood Huie."

Our online programs offer the opportunity to learn with horses from anywhere in the world. Our courses teach you how to apply the concepts of Equine-Facilitated Learning to your everyday life. 

An online course is the perfect introduction to Equine-Facilitated Learning or an invaluable supplement for any current (or past) on-farm program participant. 

Check out our online learning options below! 

Finding Emotional Freedom with Horses

Online Course Regstration
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Mental health disorders impact almost 800 million people worldwide.


Anxiety and depression have become the silent plague, tormenting our hearts and minds. 


But there is hope.


This course uses equine-facilitated learning to offer the empowerment and skills that will help you break free from the fog and find joy in life again!


  •   Discover how to read and interpret your emotions

  •   Understand the benefits of mindfulness

  •   Learn exercises to help you find joy in every day

  •   See how easy it is to implement these changes in your daily life

  •   Gain a new appreciation for your authentic self

  •   Learn what makes horses such perfect facilitators


This course incorporates videos of our actual horses, as they share this journey of hope and healing with you. 


This is an open enrollment course so you can begin at any time and go at your own pace. Revisit lessons as often as necessary and HAVE FUN!

We all deserve an Evolution!

*You do not need any horse experience or access to horses to take this course.

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"This was such a great intro! This has really helped me identify my behaviors and emotions, and pinpoint the moving force behind the positive and negative experiences. These questions really helped me see how I can live my best life and embrace my true nature. 

Every Module had an activity that transforms you! I have read over the modules again because I enjoyed it so much. I will continue to use the activities to stay present, mindful and aware. I look forward to taking other courses!" 

— Carly P.

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