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So you want your own
equine-centered business

...and you're wondering how to do it

"The man who thinks he can
and the man who thinks he can't are both right."


The programs at Equi Evolution are meant to inspire. They are designed to encourage you to follow your dreams, to pursue endeavors that bring you joy. 

For some people, that joy is working in the horse world. And even more specifically, helping others through equine-facilitated learning programs. 

Learn more about our business mentoring opportunities below. 

*EFPL: Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy & Learning

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Building a niche business can be scary, but you don't have to do it alone. 

There are a zillion things to consider when building a business, from the tiniest details of your branding, to how you will finance growth, developing marketing strategies, etc. It can be daunting for the most basic business, then add in the fact that we want to build a service based organization working with thousand pound animals who require loads of care and high overhead costs.


Yikes! I'm tired already!

Luckily, you don't have to navigate this journey alone. Having gone from a total unknown, desperate for anyone to book a few sessions; to owning our own facility and building a program that serves hundreds of people a year, Sam Thorpe, is ready to support you on your own journey.  

Meet your Mentor - Sam Thorpe
Founder & Executive Director/Badass Woman Entrepreneur
Woman smiling with Horse next to her in "Selfie"

Sam launched her own Equine-Facilitated Learning program in early 2019. While she embraced the realization that this work was truly her life's passion; when it came to building her own program she was flying by the seat of her pants. Her BSBA in business management afforded her a foundation of skills that helped her check most of the right boxes, but in such a niche industry there were so many unique considerations. 

Just over 3 years in, and Sam has grown a thriving EFL practice. Having gone from boarding her single horse at a backyard barn (desperate to make enough to cover board each month), to buying a farm of her own, which she has specifically designed for this work. She now has a herd of 5 equine partners, has hired additional practitioners to her team, and is on her way to hitting 6-figures in revenues this year (Phew!).

If you'd like to learn more about Sam's story, and avoid reinventing the wheel in your own business, click below to schedule your initial consult call and start shifting your own journey from stress to success!

*Please note, once you book your appointment, you will receive a confirmation email with a Google Meet link.
Please use this link to log into your call at scheduled time. 

  • This is NOT an online course where you will be left to fend for yourself.

  • We offer personal business mentoring, where each meeting is unique to your needs & goals at that given point in time.

  • Schedule an occasional session here and there, or book longer term packages for consistent support as you grow.

  • Find relief in knowing you don't have to do it alone. 

Common Topics Covered:

  • Where to Begin

    • What is EFPL?​

    • Training & certification programs

    • Business design

    • Naming your business

    • Corporate structure

    • Financing 

  • Get Online​

    • Building your website​

    • Understanding SEO

    • Social media presence

    • Growing your email list​

  • Operations 

    • Finding a location​

    • Your herd

    • Program design

    • Marketing 

    • Day-to-day 

    • Time management

    • Expansion

  • Sticking with It

    • How do you find inspiration to keep going?

    • Are you ready to take risks?

    • Are you willing to be vulnerable?

    • Are you ready for tons of personal growth?


Horse Herd
Woman and horse taking a cell phone Selfie

Book your mentoring calls:

Our session options are designed to meet you exactly where you're at. Whether you're in the early brainstorming stages or you've been working in the industry for years, we are ready to help! Schedule single calls every now and then for as-needed input and guidance, or choose a longer commitment when you're ready for extra support during big transitions. Be sure to come to each meeting prepared with lots of questions!

Single Mentoring Session


When you're just needing somebody who's been there, done that, to bounce ideas and questions off of, book a single call for that extra insight and peace of mind. 

6-Session Mentoring Package


If you're looking for a little more support, a 6-session package can offer great direction as you move through new business decisions. Set up weekly, biweekly, or monthly sessions to match your current needs. 

12-Session Mentoring Package


If you're ready to dive in head first and bring real transformation to your business, our 12-session package is perfect for longer term guidance and feedback. Flexible scheduling options based on your needs.

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