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Remember that little kid who used to dream about horses?

Find them at the Farm

"I am happy to report that my inner child is still ageless."
-James Broughton

Equi Evolution is wellness center with a twist...a huge, fuzzy, delightful smelling twist. Our rustic horse farm, nestled in the woods, will have you feeling like you're lost in a New Hampshire paradise, but we're only 5 minutes off Interstate 295 in Northern, Rhode Island (just 15 minutes outside Providence and less than 1-hour from both Boston and Worcester).

Our programs offer meaningful and authentic interaction with horses to support and guide a variety of health, wellness, and personal development practices. Equine-inspired wellness is a fun and unique way to explore a world you love while simultaneously learning how to love the world you're in.

Former "horse crazy" kids welcome! If horses were something special in your childhood, or something you wish could have been, Equi Evolution is the farm you've been searching for. Explore that carefree passion of your past as you learn valuable tools for personal growth and healing. Because it's never too late for an Evolution


Farm Membership

So what do we even do at an equine-inspired wellness center? Great question, we would love to tell you!

Equi Evolution offers a variety of unmounted classes, workshops, and other programs centered around holistic wellness. All of our programs  include some level of hands-on interaction with our amazing herd of equines. Our classes are shaped by an equine-facilitated learning model based on principles of Gestalt Psychology with a specific focus on mindfulness and self-love to improve emotional intelligence and support empowerment and personal growth. Which is pretty much a fancy way of saying we play with horses to learn about life and grow!


Our horses come from various rescue and retirement backgrounds and have so much deep and meaningful wisdom to share. Our human practitioners also bring a unique and powerful range of expertise and education in a variety of modalities including: equine-facilitated learning, life coaching, mindfulness, yoga, reiki, and more!

Membership Includes:


  • Wellness with Horses Classes 

  • Mindful Connection Classes

  • Guided Meditation with Horse

  • Open Farm Hours (+ 1 free guest)

  • Group Reiki

  • Barefoot at the Barn

PLUS: 5% off all Workshops & Horsemanship Groups

BONUS: Members are eligible for a mini-session at the farm with professional equine photographer Pictorial Tales Photography. 


Check out our calendar for class schedules or keep scrolling to learn more about all of our classes and programs and become a member today!

Membership Options




Every month

3-Month Contract




Every month

6-Month Contract




Every month

12-Month Contract

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Class Descriptions

Included with Membership: Click class name to see upcoming schedule & register

Wellness with Horses: Non-members $35/class

Experience the transformative power of equine-inspired wellness with our herd. Dedicated to nurturing mind, body, and spirit. Our regularly scheduled open group sessions offer a unique opportunity to explore the profound connection between humans and horses while fostering personal growth and well-being. Whether you're seeking relaxation, personal development, or a deeper understanding of yourself, our Wellness with Horses group is the perfect place to embark on your journey. ​

Mindful Connection: Non-members $35/class

Mindfulness is so much more than a popular wellness buzzword. Mindfulness is a crucial step towards developing emotional intelligence and improving regulation. Horses are naturally mindful animals who have so much to teach us about being present in the moment. This class focuses specifically on connecting with your body and nervous system through mindfulness exercises to develop present moment awareness. Your sensory system is an important part of understanding yourself, and a part that is often ignored. Get to know yourself by learning how to more fully experience the world around you.   


Meditation with Horses: Non-members $20/class

Meditation doesn’t have to be scary. Many people love the idea of practicing meditation but they lack the support and understanding to successfully incorporate it in their daily lives. Our 30-minute meditation class offers fun and easy ways to meditate, and of course having a few horsey friends to share the space with makes the learning that much more enjoyable.


Reiki: Non-members $25/session

Bring a yoga mat, a chair, a blanket…however you wanna get cozy in the barnyard, and receive the pure grounding energy of reiki in a group setting. Reiki is a peaceful energy healing practice that promotes physical and mental healing. (To learn more or book your private reiki session click here


Barefoot at the Barn (Yoga): Non-members $25/class

Our Barefoot at the Barn program runs the 3rd Sunday of the month from April - November and offers the unique opportunity to practice gentle yoga and grounding at a horse farm. Yoga is suitable for beginners through intermediate with a focus on connection to self and the natural world around us. Following yoga, participants are invited to visit with the horses and soak in the peaceful environment. If a full farm membership isn’t for you check out our Annual Yoga Pass.

Open Farm Hours: Non-members $10/person (under 3 FREE)

Open farm hours are the perfect way to get a little extra fresh air and spend time with your favorite horses. We invite you to bring a chair, a yoga mat, a book, your favorite meditation, art supplies, or a simple desire to be present in this space and see what moves you. Come with friends or come alone, all ages are welcome.

*Open Farm Hours are the 1st Sunday of the month from April - November, and are the 1st & 3rd Sunday of the month December - March

**Participants are not allowed inside paddocks during Open Farm Hours

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