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Horsemanship Programs

Equine care, management & connection

Horses are large, complex animals who require a lot of knowledge and understanding to handle and manage. As we learn more about these animals, and how they experience the world, management, care, and training practices are all beginning to shift. 


Whether you are brand new to the world of horses, or have been in the industry for years, we can all agree happy, healthy horses are always the goal. Horsemanship classes at Equi Evolution embrace the newest education regarding best care practices and ethical training. 

These courses focus on a Relationship-Based approach to equine interaction and prioritize meeting both the needs of the species as well as the individual. Learn how you can care for and work with horses while still honoring the autonomy of the horse and yourself. 


Relationship-Based Horsemanship

Traditional horsemanship often teaches us that we must be dominant over the horse. We must force him to comply and we applaud the ones who out muscle the wildest and most dangerous of them, as they beat their chests with pride over "breaking" such a powerful beast. Lucky for us, and our horses, we now have a much better understanding of the equine brain and body, and science now supports the importance of maintaining nervous system regulation for optimal learning and what the heck does that mean? It means being an A**hole is OUT, and being mindful and compassionate is IN!

Equi Evolution wholeheartedly embraces the principles of these concepts and has created a program to share how we apply this in real world situations. Our horsemanship courses address all aspects of care, management, and training for a fully holistic approach to working with everyone's favorite animal. We believe every voice has a place and deserves to heard and honored, horses & humans. These classes will walk you through exactly how to hold that space for both species and truly enjoy the time you spend with horses.

We currently offer 2 levels of horsemanship: How to Catch a Horse & Deepening Connection

Level 1: How to Catch a Horse

How to Catch a Horse is specifically focused on teaching the basics of safely handling and managing horses. There is so much more to horses than riding, but most lesson programs do not offer essential training for how to meet their care needs and work with these animals on the ground. This 6-week course sets a strong foundation of equine care and includes everything from behavior & communication, handling, anatomy, nutrition, hoof care, first aid and more. The core principles of this program are based on compassionate care and teach practices that center around acknowledging autonomy and partnership. Participants will learn to consider how our  interactions are perceived and interpreted through the eyes of a horse, while also being mindful of how our own energy influences the world around around us. 

Level 2: Deepening Connection

Deepening Connection, is the next step in our horsemanship program. This course continues to build off the learning from How to Catch a Horse, and focuses on improving your ability to communicate and connect as you work even more closely with our herd. In this series, you will explore various groundwork & training approaches, behavior & herd dynamics, and fine tune your own ability to regulate and respond in ways that are conducive to building a trusting relationship. 


*How to Catch a Horse is a prerequisite to our Deepening Connection course. Program dates begin in March or September. See schedule below for details and registration. 

What to expect?

  • 6-week group program (small class sizes to optimize hands-on learning)

  • Work with a variety of equine personalities

  • Sessions are 2-hours and meet once/week

  • Learn all the basics about working with horses and how to find more opportunity to work and learn within the equine industry

  • Gain an understanding of the equine brain and how horses experience the world

  • Develop confidence around reading and responding to a horse's body language

  • Practice handling horses in safe & mindful ways

  • Understand what it really means to connect with a horse

  • Peer support in encouraging and fun environment

  • Tons of hands-on equine interaction!

Learn answers to all the important questions, like: 

  • Why do horses smell each other's poop?

  • How much does a horse eat in a day?

  • What does it mean when they stomp their feet?

  • How do I get my horse to take a selfie with me?

Upcoming Programs

Program Cost: $350
 5% off for Farm Members (applied automatically at checkout)

See below for upcoming program dates. Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

We also work directly with schools, businesses, and private groups to offer personalized program dates for your team.

Contact us to learn more.  

How to Catch a Horse Upcoming Dates

There's just something about horses

Have a question about your personal horse?

Are you struggling with a vice, training, or behavior issue with your horse and you're stuck as to next steps to help your sweet baby? Now you can schedule a private consultation for input and feedback to create an action plan for success. The Relationship-Based Horsemanship approach considers 3 primary influences when developing an action plan for any individual horse. These include: Management, Connection & Support. This consultation will address all 3 of these areas and offer suggested spaces of improvement/change within each.


This consultation is not a quick fix horsemanship approach, but an opportunity to look at your horse from a new perspective, so you can meet him in a space of compassion and validation, which are the foundation of trust and understanding. 

(If possible, we like you to do the call with your horse present so we can see behaviors and basic interaction, as well as general farm set up and areas where your horse spends their time. The more info, the more specific plan we can help you create.)

$75/1-hour video call

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