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Reiki at the Farm

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Group and Personal Sessions 

For over a century, people have used the energy healing practice of Reiki to improve health and wellness. This non-invasive healing modality offers peace and relaxation as your practitioner gently guides cleansing energy throughout your body. And what better place to experience this treatment than in the peaceful presence of horses at our quaint New England Horse Farm. 

Group Reiki 2nd Sunday of the Month

Bring a yoga mat, a chair, a blanket…however you wanna get cozy in the barnyard, and receive the pure grounding energy of reiki in a group setting. Reiki is a peaceful energy healing practice that promotes physical and mental healing. 

Upcoming Group Reiki

Non-Members $25
Members FREE


A healing space unlike any you've experienced before

You've been to the spa or the massage parlor before. Gentle music, cozy décor, the soft scent of lavender in the air. Who doesn't love that! But, have you ever wanted to experience the healing powers of universal energy right out in nature? Birds singing, hay crunching, and a gentle breeze carrying your favorite scent in the world...horses!

Enjoy a 60-minute session with one of our Reiki III Master certified practitioners. 
*Couples Sessions also available. To schedule a session with a partner, friend, or loved one please email us at:

1-Hour Session | Cost: $120

Private Reiki

Meet our Practitioners

Driven by compassion and a deep desire to offer support and healing, our practitioners are perhaps the sweetest women you've ever met. Trained and certified in the Usui lineage as Reiki Masters, their intuitive approach to this work helps address your unique ailments in a personalized way. Check out our Meet Us page to read their bios and learn more. If you would like to request a specific practitioner for your session please contact us at prior to booking so we may confirm practitioner availability.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can receive Reiki?

Due to its gentle nature, Reiki is beneficial to literally everyone. We do have a Reiki table for your comfort or if you have limited mobility and cannot get on/off the table we can accommodate by offering your treatment seated in a chair. 

What should I wear?

Wear clothing that is comfortable to you. This treatment is intended to support relaxation. Reminder: The barn is not insulated or heated so please dress in layers as needed based upon the weather. A blanket will always be available should you want it. 

Do you have to touch me?

Our practitioners will always ask permission at the beginning of your session to determine if you are comfortable with physical contact. Some clients like to feel the practitioners hands on them, while others prefer a little space. Either method is acceptable and will offer the same benefits. 

Do you use crystals or incense?

While crystals and incense can enhance the Reiki experience, they are not required for a deeply healing session and are not used regularly within our sessions. If you would like to incorporate additional elements into your session please discuss this with your practitioner. 

Reiki Learning Opportunities

Equi Evolution works closely with Jackie Eaton of Angelights. If you are considering becoming a certified Reiki practitioner or are interested in more information about Jackie and her services please lick the image to contact her directly. 

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All classes are INCLUDED in our Farm Membership Program.
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