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"See yourself through the eyes of a horse"

Our Mission
Helping Humans & Horses

At Equi Evolution, our mission is to improve mental, physical, and emotional wellness for both humans and horses by fostering  meaningful interaction while preserving the authenticity of human and equine experiences. 
Our Vision  

If you were that "horse crazy" girl or boy growing up, or maybe that's something you've always dreamed of being, Equi Evolution is the place for you. We believe everyone deserves love, representation, and the opportunity to find their voice. 

Our programs are committed to inspiring growth through equine-facilitated learning, wellness coaching and education, centered around compassionate horsemanship and connection with the natural world.

Because Everyone Deserves an EVOLUTION.

Why Horses?


As herd animals, horses are born to be social. They develop complex and meaningful relationships throughout their lives. They are enormous creatures, capable of causing devastating destruction; and yet, horses and humans have worked together in harmony for thousands of years. An unbreakable bond has been built and deep level of trust and understanding has been reached between the two species. Horses never lie. If you're willing to listen, they will show you who you are and help you become the person you are meant to be.

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