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Become an Equine-Facilitated Learning 

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The HERD Institute

The Human-Equine Relational Development (HERD) Institute offers training and certification programs focused on growth, learning & relationship development with horses. Training facilitators across the globe, membership at The HERD Institute provides access to an exceptional community of horsepeople. Their focus on authenticity in each experience and their strong stance on compassionate horsemanship, make them a leader in the industry of EFPL (equine-facilitated psychotherapy and learning).

As a new member of the HERD faculty, Equi Evolution founder, Sam Thorpe, leads trainings of the HERD model EFL certification programs. Consisting of a combination of online learning and an in-person intensive, this training offers the flexibility and hands-on learning experience conducive to any learning style and schedule. And with satellite training facilities around the world, including our very own farm here in Cumberland, RI, you can access your training in way that is convenient for you. 

Whether you are thinking about starting your own center, working with a program already established in your area, or simply looking to add to your toolbox of interpersonal and equine development, this program has something for you!

Equine-Facilitated Psychotherapy training programs are also available for licensed mental health professionals. Please visit The HERD Institute website directly for more information.

Follow the link below to learn more, and begin your journey today!

You Belong in the Herd
Why choose The HERD Institute  ?


The HERD Institute is an international training organization, committed to the highest ethical standards of both equine and participant care. Founded on principles of compassion and inclusion, the HERD model of EFPL strives to expand global awareness surrounding mental health and equine-welfare efforts. 

They are one of the top educational organizations in this industry, offering a facilitation model that is practical, sustainable, and effective in practice. Additionally, they are the only EFPL organization affiliated with PATH International, a leader in the Equine Assisted Activities & Therapies (EAAT) Industry for decades. 

In addition to their exceptional education and ethical standards, The HERD Institute offers exceptional student support both during and after certification. Their global community of graduates 

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