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Fall Safe+

Because we all fall down sometimes

On horseback, as in life, we all face falls. While we cannot always predict when or how the falls will happen, we can take steps to prepare ourselves for when they do. 

Our Fall Safe+ Clinics help prepare equestrians for the safest physical reactions they may need, as well as the mental confidence, to face a fall. 


Whether you are a seasoned competitive rider, an  occasional hacker, or are just considering entering the world of horses; this course should be a part of EVERY equestrian's skill set. 

Keep scrolling for upcoming clinic dates and to learn what the + stands for...

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Why the + 

Falling is ​about so much more than the physical action and body awareness. As with any life experience, there is also a mental and emotional component that impacts how we react and how we recover. Fall Safe+ addresses all of these factors and helps you gain the physical and mental preparedness you need to both face and recover from a fall. 

Taught by a lifelong gymnast and equestrian, this clinic uses a variety of gymnastic crash mats, yoga balls, barrels, and our "dummy" mount to help you safely practice a variety of potential scenarios, emergency dismounts, and techniques for safer falling. There is no mounted activity during this clinic.

These 3 hours clinics include 2-hours of learning and practicing the physical techniques to help you minimize injury from a variety of different falls, followed by 1-hour of Equine-Facilitated Learning, where you will experience hands-on interaction and groundwork with our own horses, in the context of building mental confidence as you learn tools to help you become a more confident and introspective rider. 

This course is appropriate for ages 12+

Upcoming Clinics

There are no open clinics scheduled at this time. If your barn would like to schedule a private clinic, please contact us at

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Your Fall Safe Clinic was so great & likely saved [my daughter's] life on a bad fall. She told me after the Fall that she used what she had learned at your Clinic to protect herself. So thank you!

— Sal D.

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