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Evolved Equestrian

EFL for Equestrians

The Horse is not here
to reward your ego
to compete with you
to punish you
to control you

The Horse responds to
who you are
how you feel
what you think
what you do

The Horse is here
to enable you to learn
how to be a better You
- and that is a blessing.

-Joanne Verikios


Improve your riding and horsemanship

Have you reached a plateau in your riding progression? Is your horse moody and uncooperative? Do you want more from your relationship with your horse?


For thousands of years humans have been studying horses to create the perfect training systems. As our understanding of the horse grows, it is evident that relationship and trust create lasting and sustainable improvements in all aspects of our horses' lives. But many of us have gotten stuck in the old ways of thinking and we struggle to make the shifts that really strengthen our relationships and build happy, healthy horses. Equi Evolution, will help you see the value in creating a meaningful relationship with your horse that will carry throughout all aspects of your interaction and training.  


Whether you are a seasoned equestrian looking to improve your riding, a casual horse-lover wanting to expand your knowledge and understanding of horses, or a newbie to the horse world who wants to learn how to work and connect with horses, our Evolved Equestrian program has something to offer you. This 12-week program focuses on helping us understand our horses for the unique beings they truly are, and incorporating relationship building techniques to improve our work with them. 

  • 12-week private program (program extension opportunities available)*

  • 1- 60 minute session per week

  • Spend all 12-weeks at your farm, our farm, OR combine work with Equi Evolution herd & your own horse(s)

  • Explore what it means to be a horse and shift your perspective to meet your horse where they are

  • Dive deeper into equine body language and respecting your horse's threshold

  • Develop better communication through improved mutual relationship

  • Learn how to talk to AND listen to your horse

  • Opportunity to work with a variety of equine personalities and learn how to respect each horse's unique voice

  • Find personal growth as you practice being mindfully present when working with your horse

*Discounts available for groups at the same barn who wish to do the program together.  

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