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How to Catch a Horse...

and all the other important stuff about
equine care, handling & management

Not all classrooms have 4 walls

If you weren't born into it, the horse world can be a tough space to enter. Horses are large complex animals who require a lot of knowledge and understanding to handle and manage. 

Accessibility and opportunity has always been a priority for us here at Equi Evolution. We want more people to learn about and have the chance to experience and work with horses!


Through the Eyes of a Horse teaches participants the ins and outs of horsemanship from a compassionate and mindful approach. Learn about handling & leading, anatomy, grooming, nutrition, first aid, and so much more! 

*Cowboy boots not required


Program Details

How to Catch a Horse is a program specifically focused on teaching the basics of safely handling and managing horses. There is so much more to horses than riding, but most lesson programs do not offer essential training for how to work with these animals on the ground. This 6-week course sets a strong foundation of equine care and includes everything from haltering & leading to communication, anatomy, vital signs, nutrition, and general care practices. The core principles of this program are based on compassionate care and teach practices that center around acknowledging autonomy and partnership rather than a more traditional dominance theory approach. Participants will learn to consider how our  interactions are perceived and interpreted through the eyes of a horse, while also being mindful of how our own energy influences the world around around us. 

  • 6-week group program

  • Work with a variety of equine personalities

  • Sessions are 2-hours and meet once/week

  • Learn all the basics about working with horses and how to find more opportunity to work and learn within the equine industry

  • Gain an understanding of the equine brain

  • Develop confidence around reading and responding to a horse's body language

  • Practice handling horses in safe & mindful ways

  • Make friends with a horse

  • Peer support in encouraging environment

  • Tons of hands-on equine interaction!

Learn answers to all the important questions, like: 

  • Why do horses smell each other's poop?

  • How much does a horse eat in a day?

  • What does it mean when they stomp their feet?

  • How do I get my horse to take a selfie with me?


Upcoming Programs

See below for upcoming program dates. Class size is limited to a maximum of 6 participants.

We also work directly with schools, businesses, and private groups to offer personalized program dates for your team. 

Program Cost: $350

How to Catch a Horse Upcoming Dates
girls doing horse farm chores

There's just something about horses

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